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The US Immigration DACA Policy

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The US immigration Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival is a program that was started by the US government in the year 2012. Its main purpose is to provide opportunities to many immigrant and undocumented population to remain in the US without having to worry about being deported back to their native country. It also allows them to apply for work permits hence they can be incorporated into the society both socially and economically.

The various outcomes associated with the initiation of the DACA program are numerous: Research done by National UnDACAmented Research Project (NURP) shows that there was an increase in new job opportunities for the immigrants whereby some got a chance to open their first bank account hence obtaining a credit card. Due to the continuous integration with the US community, some claimed to have plans to apply for American citizenship if at all they were given that opportunity. This research was done on young adult immigrants.

One of the major impacts of DACA is that it contributes to the incorporation of young adult immigrants both economically and socially. As more and more immigrants receive DACA, with time, they become easier incorporated into the economic institutions in the USA. Research shows that nearly 61% of immigrants, who have received DACA, have acquired a new job since receiving it. On a similar note, a half have acquired their first bank accounts and 38% have obtained their first credit cards. Another 61% from the NURP research have gone ahead to obtain a driving license which has increasingly widened their education, employment or other options.

From the NURP research, most DACA recipients would apply for American citizenship if that opportunity ever came. To be precise, 94% of the respondents of the survey showed interest in applying for citizenship if they were given that opportunity hence elaborating their need to be integrated into the US society.

Since the introduction of the DACA policy, it has come along with numerous hardships that have emerged over time, due to the increasing numbers of undocumented immigrants. One of the major drawbacks of this policy is the increasing numbers of illegal migrants. Most of them come with the perception that the US government will help them settle in the US that led to the increased number of the immigrants. This development shows a weakness in the DACA policy as it seems to help the those people that break or violate the laws and rules of the US government.

The increased numbers of illegal immigrants in the country comes along with another big problem of Human Trafficking. The goons involved in this vice have used this opportunity to fund their illegal and dangerous drug cartels, which has increasingly become a danger to both Mexicans and American citizens. The research shows that, in the summer of 2014, a large number of undocumented immigrants crossed the Texas and Mexican border bringing about a condition the current US president Barrack Obama, termed as Humanitarian Crisis. In the year 2014, more than 90,000 undocumented children were detained and in the current year, an overwhelmingly 140,000 are expected to be detained.

In my opinion, based on the NURP research, various measures must be put in place to control the situations mentioned above. First of all, the DACA policy seems to be too lenient on immigrants as most of them when they are found in the country illegally, and at some point the government helps them settle instead of putting up measures that should deter them from entering the country illegally. The policy should immediately deport any immigrant found in the country illegally if not charged.

The other thing is that they should set up an office in the various countries that most immigrants emanate from, with an aim of enabling the citizens of those designated countries to directly seek for DACA. In return, such measures would help the US government to keep a tally of the numbers of DACA recipients in their country. It also would help in connecting them to a family member who might have been in the country for a longer period thus reducing the cases of one of them being deported at one time or another.Lastly, persons found guilty of human trafficking should be jailed for life as this has led to many people dying and losing family members to the benefit of drug cartels.


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