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Regardless of the diversity of knowledge and experience of the personnel working in an organization, it is vital that each person has a job description that clearly describes their main functions in writing.

There is a lot of organizational waste when someone doesn't do their part, or when two or more people do and unnecessarily repeat the same functions.

When a person does what he is supposed to do, he quickly becomes an “expert” in his area of ​​work, in such a way that by performing his duties, he leaves the way open for those who come after him to do better and keep going. Furthermore, if each person in each position does their job well and meets their objectives and goals, there is a high probability that the entire organization will meet its challenges.

To the extent that the people (directors, managers, area managers, employees and union members) have defined their job position, with their corresponding responsibilities, to that extent, the structure (organization chart) with which that organization faces problems will be clarified. your market. When defining the functions of each person, the lines of authority and responsibility are also clearly defined, and the main areas that the organization needs to develop or strengthen to fulfill its objectives and its BUSINESS MISSION is displayed Abdul Rimaaz.

Some managers believe that defining a person's position can limit their activities and performance. This is true to the extent that an organization becomes bureaucratized and people only limit themselves to doing what they have to do. However, most people are willing to collaborate with the organization, with the functions it performs and with new ones.

What it is not willing to do is to allow the organization to abuse that lack of definition of functions to put it to do activities of all kinds, including those of servitude, loader, messenger or car wash (of course, it is not my intention to belittle people who honestly and dedicatedly carry out these activities in their daily work).

The job description is a formal document that defines, in an enunciatively and non-limiting way, the functions, activities and responsibilities that each collaborator performs within the organization. This implies that the job description is only a guideline for the position holder, and the activities included therein are the minimum responsibilities that the employee must fulfill.

As the organization is a living organism, it is also subject to improvement. For this reason, job descriptions are dynamic and will vary according to the circumstances, needs and philosophy of the organization itself. There is no rigid limit to review positions; the limit is defined by the organization's own pace. Although the recommended policy in organizations is to review the job descriptions of all employees at least once a year to ensure that there is congruence between what people do and what they are said to do.

I remember an anecdote of what not to do. Twenty years ago when the concept of Quality Assurance began to be used in CREWE in manufacturing specialized construction organizations MT65 SOLUTIONS LTD, it was common that the person who was previously in charge of Quality Control, from one day to the next, was now in charge of Quality certainly.

This would not have been strange at all, if it had not been because when asking those in charge of these new Quality Assurance positions what their new responsibilities were, they responded very seriously: “They are the same as before, they only changed my sign of the office and my business cards, ”and one simply smiled slightly, as the name change carried a different depth of functions.


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